Solid State NMR

Example Name Topics/Keywords
CSA powder pattern Introductory, educational, powder averaging
REDOR Introductory, powder averaging
TPPM decoupling Scan parameter, rotor-synchronization
HCCN correlation Complex pulse sequence, torsion angle
iMELO & SPC-5 Phase cycling, coherence selection, DQ filter, symmetry of averaging over gamma angle
2D RFDR 2D pulse sequence, z-filter, pure phase spectrum via cosine transform
CSA sidebands fitting Data fitting
PDSD Large molecules, peptides, spin diffusion, advanced
Ramped CP z-Matrix, extended molecule, crystallite orientation, complex pulse sequence, educational, problem & solution
Rotational Resonance z-Matrix, extended molecule, local CSA axes, universal macros, powder averaging, educational, problem & solution
Molecule z-Matrix, internal coordinates

 Quadrupolar nuclei (Solid State)

Example Name Topics/Keywords
Full sideband manifold Quadrupole interaction, MAS, educational
Full sideband manifold with 2nd-order lineshapes Quadrupole interaction, MAS, educational
Single sideband lineshape Quadrupole interaction, MAS, educational
Fully folded sideband manifold Quadrupole interaction, MAS, educational
Central transition (second-order broadened) Quadrupole interaction, static, educational
First-order static spectrum Quadrupole interaction, static, educational

Solution state NMR

Example Name Topics/Keywords
Adiabatic inversion Introductory, educational, relaxation, observe-each-step option
CW scan Relaxation, non-periodic pulse sequence, B0-field scan, gradients, observe-each-step option, pulse sequence via amacro, educational
CPMG echo train Averaging over a distribution, field inhomogeneity, relaxation, observe-each-step option, pulse sequence via a macro, educational
COSY Phase cycling, 2D spectra, hypercomplex detection, educational
NOESY Phase cycling, 2D spectra, hypercomplex detection, cross-relaxation, educational
Selective Pulse Optimization Parameter optimization, shaped pulse, matrix variables, educational

Other examples

Example Name Topics/Keywords
PRESS Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging
Chemical Exchange Dynamics and chemical exchange, pre- and post-processing variables, educational
Data Fitting and Optimization Data fitting, finding minimum or maximum of a function, solving a system of equations
System Universal macros, user-defined I/O, caliing external programs from spinev, problem & solution