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Welcome to SpinEvolution.com!

This website is the new home for SpinEvolution, and we have an exciting news to share with you!

2014 is going to bring a second birth to our software: starting this year, SpinEvolution will be developed and maintained commercially!

We hope that this is a great news for everybody. Even though the program will no longer be free, these changes will allow us to bring the software to a completely new level of quality and to maintain it at the cutting edge of science and technology in the future. Reaching these goals would be impossible without steady financial support from people who actually use SpinEvolution. Like all other resources required for scientific research, such as equipment, materials, or human effort, highly specialized sophisticated scientific software cannot be free. And as with the other resources, its costs can be easily covered for with proper financial planning.

As excited about these forthcoming developments as we are, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone. To this end, yet another free version of SpinEvolution (v.3.4.6) has been released in the beginning of January. This version will expire March 1, 2014. After that time, all editions of the software will be distributed through a yearly subscription requiring a license fee. The only exception will be made for strictly educational uses of SpinEvolution, such as in undergraduate or graduate level courses at academic institutions. There will be a free Educational edition of the software for these purposes.

All licenses will run from January 1st to December 31st (or from March 1st in 2014). To ease the transition and to allow sufficient time for financial planning, the license fees in 2014 will be set well below the levels required for adequate support of our work. Please expect that the fees will rise in the future — together with the quality of the software. The types of licenses available and the (approximate) price list can be viewed here. For those who depend on continuous access to SpinEvolution in their research and cannot come up with the money to pay for it by March 1st, we will try to arrange a short-term extension of the free license.

Our vision is to bring SpinEvolution to the state-of-the-art level in all three areas where it has always excelled: convenience, versatility, and efficiency. Our long-term goal is to make SpinEvolution a dependable tool for everyday research in various subfields of NMR, both fundamental and applied. The specific projects that we deem as having the highest priorities at this time are:

  • capability to perform simulations in huge spin systems (dozens and hundreds of spins)
  • capability to simulate DNP
  • implementation of PDSD/RAD simulations (Veshtort JCP 11)
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • spectra/FID plotting functionality
  • 64-bit version for Windows
  • documentation, tutorials, and other educational materials on our website
  • implementation of the non-unit sampling rates functionality
  • efficient simulation of arbitrary non-periodic sequences
  • fixing bugs – both known and the ones yet to be discovered
  • capability of 3D and nD simulations

As these and other new features get implemented, they will be incorporated into the multiple software upgrades released in the course of the year. The upgrades will be free for those who have already purchased a license for that year.

We will be very happy to receive any feedback from you, in particular your comments regarding the relative importance of the projects/features listed above and your suggestions and requests as to what else could be improved or implemented in our software.

With the best wishes for 2014, sincerely yours,

Mikhail Veshtort